Directorate: Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation

Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) efforts are critical issues in management of agricultural research and development. Proper logistic support for the management, maintenance and monitoring of university’s projects would help in effective, timely and successful implementation and completion of the mission and in turn would reflect in the growth of the institute. PME is formed to aid in the effective management of the institute’s in-house, networked, grant-in-aid as well as collaborative R&D projects.

The Directorate of Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation in the university was established in the year 1992, with the objective to plan and monitor education, research, extension activities, human resource and finance etc. DPME is responsible to explore and establish the priorities, monitor ongoing activities and evaluate the complete activities of the university. The directorate is responsible for coordinating all the units of the university in terms of seeking information, compilation and preparation of various types of university documents for furnishing to ICAR and its institutes, GOR, the Governor House (GoR), various agricultural universities across the state and to all academic and concerned units at national level. It also furnishes information pertaining to the Central and State Govt. along with other agencies and organizations.

Objectives of DPME

  To analyze and assess the priorities and thrust areas in Teaching, Research and Extension of the University.

  To assess, evaluate and monitor performance of contributions and outcomes of different units in growth/development of the University.

  To identify, develop and suggest methods /strategies for improving institutional effectiveness.

  To coordinate and disseminate the technical know-how among other Units/ Institutes/Organizations of the State, National and International level.

  Documentation of University achievements including Research/ Extension/ Teaching Reports viz: Vision document, Annual Reports, Newsletters, etc. of the university.

  To monitor the university website from time to time.

  Preparation of Self Study Report of the university and getting the University accredited by ICAR, UGC etc.

  DPME is responsible for the Ranking of university at National level.

  Development of linkages with various government and non government organization.

  Overall development of the university.

Director (PM & E)

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