Central Library, SKRAU

The Central Library is an important educational center of the university and working as centralized library with three constituent colleges of Swami Keshwanand Agricultural University, Bikaner. The Central Library is situated in main SKRAU campus and occupies an area of 1987 sqm. Central Library houses 12832 books and currently subscribes 85 foreign journals and 20 Indian journals for the use of students and faculty members.

The facility of internet access and E-mail is available within the building through optical fiber from SKRAU Local Area Network. Twelve nodes are available for internet access. A separate room has been reserved for Ph. D. Scholars to access internet for their thesis work. Central Library has placed bibliography of entire completed Ph. D. thesis on the university website (www.raubikaner.org). Further, all the Ph. D. and M. Sc. Thesis’s converted into digitized form and could be accessed through computer in the Central Library. Reprography service and bibliography data base for PG and Ph. D. thesis is available in library. CD-ROM/Online data base access in also available.

At present the following mentioned database is subscribed by the university.

  • Agricola
  • Cab CD
  • Ag. Eco 1797+
  • Crop CD 1973+
  • Hort CD 1973+
  • AGSoil CD 1973+RIS
  • Vet CD 1973+
  • Biotechnology Abstract 1982+
  • FSTA Science Technology Abstract
  • Review of Cab CD data

To facilitate library administration software SOUL (Library Management Software) Windows NT and SQL Server Software was procured. Statistical package “SPSS” was also procured for statistical by the students. The status of digitization of automation is as follows:


  • Books (Bar Coding)
  • Journals (Bar Coding)
  • Thesis of PG & Ph. D.


  • up to year 2004
  • up to year 2004
  • 2500

Online facilities available

1300 foreign journals available through CeRA Consortia by ICAR
All SAU, Ph. D. thesis database available online in central library through KRISHI PRABHA Project.

Project Sanction :

Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth)

  • Project Sanction : 2013-14
  • Duration of Project : 2 Years
  • Budget allocation : 14 lac per year
  • SRF : 2 (one for Library Sc. And one for Computer Sc.)

Two Senior Research Fellow for both discipline were appointed on the project entitled “Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth)” and the work of project has been started from Sept. 1, 2013 with the software of Library Management (KOHA).

Library Services

The Central Library of SKRAU has been well equipped with the latest communication media and information technologies like web based information, CD Rom database search, OPAC, internet browsing as it is well connected through LAN. This library has become a HUB connected on LAN with all automated centralized facilities and acting as a nodal center for disseminating all kind agricultural information to its users. The library is linked with various consortiums for online journals and theses repository, Central Library maintains around sixth thousand collection of books, reference books, reports, theses, monograph, back volumes, journals, CD ROM Database, E-resources etc. Library subscribes 250+ journals in physical and/or in electronic forms. This is possible by the help of through NATP/NAIP. Rajasthan Govt. supported for its infrastructure development and provided other facilities.


Internet Connectivity : Whole library is facilitating through LAN & Wi-Fi for internet browsing.

Consortium of e-Resources In Agriculture (CeRA) Online Journals : More than 3000 scientific journals are available online through with Springerlinks Springer-verlog: Through this bouquet user can access in full text 70+ journals, Annual Review: Annual Review is authoritative, analytic reviews in 22 focused disciplines. CSIRO: Australia commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization 8 journals, IndainJournals.com 131 journals, Taylor and Francis Ltd 1079 journals, Oxford Journals: Oxford University Press 30 journals, American Society of Agronomy 8 journals, Elsevier Science: 358 journals.

Online Doctoral Thesis Repository

  • Krishiprabha: Doctoral Thesis Repository, More than 10000 online full text thesis are available.
  • Online SKRAU Theses Repository : More than 2500 online full text SKRAU Thesis available from 1987.
  • CD-ROM Database : Following abstracting CD ROMs Database for bibliographic search subscribed AGRIS, AGRICOLA, CABI, CABI, AGRIS, CROP CD, SOIL CD, HORT CD, Pl. GEN CD, VET. CD, AGECON CD and PL. PROTECTION CD data based since 1972.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Library book catalogue is available in online from, which is a systematically records of the holding/collection to find the physical location of information for easier to search on SOUL and KOHA OPAC.

In House Repository

Central Library provide online information of elite SKRAU publications, seminars, symposia, conference, workshop proceedings, journals, and information of SKRAU Thesis Bibliography / Thesis Abstract, Rare documents etc.

  • e-Resources : Central Library has so many e-Resources, e-Journals, database and electronic version of printed materials, that can be easily viewed a multi users facility on computers.
  • Loan Privilege / Circulation Bar-Coded Circulation : Library provide Bar-coded Electronic Membership Cards and VV I cards to its readers for easy circulation and to know the borrower status.
  • Reprography : Photocopy Service is available to users @ Rs. 0.50 per page
  • Documentation Services : Current Awareness and Selective Dissemination of Information Service through :- Library Bulletin, Documentation List, Bibliography of SKRAU Theses, Abstract of SKRAU Theses, Current, Contents of Journals, User profile, Document profile, Cumulative Index of Journals, Abstracting Services etc.
  • Reference & Information Services :
    Reference Services: Long range and Ready reference service provide to users.
  • Awareness Programme :
    Regular training at frequent intervals was organized to scientists, research associates and students to train them to access the electronic information on CD ROM, CeRA, Krishiprabha, OPAC and on various databases for knowing latest technology in field of information retrieval.
  • User Education :
    Library provide PG & Ph. D. teaching of Agricultural issues, Annual reports and other publications provide to different institution under Exchange Services.
  • Inter Library Loan/Resource Sharing :
    Inter Library Loan Service from other institute to readers.
  • Security :
    Library is equipped with latest security devices like controlled and watched by Close Circuit Camera.
  • Others :
    Organized Library Day, Book Exhibition, Poster session of national/International Seminar/ Symposium and Saraswati Pooja in Central Library.
  • Working Hours :
    10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on working days

Access to Library

All the bonafide staff members and members and students of SKRAU, Bikaner are eligible to use library services and get book issued. Research workers of other institutes may also use the library services on request. However, no reading material will be issued to them.

Every person who enters in the Library shall sign on the visiting register, placed at entry point of library.

Bags, Books, Umbrellas and other personal belongings should be kept at a property counter. Only loose papers and pens/pencils are allowed inside the library.

Loan Privileges

Electronic Bar-coded Membership card will be issued of books as under

Category Max. No. of Books can be Issued Duration (Days) Overdue Fine per day (Rs.)
Officers/Professors/Scientists 5 7 0.25
Non teaching Staff 2 7 0.25

All other students are provided consultation.

Book will be issued according to the respective category for 7 days and may be recalled at any time.

A fine of Rs. 5/- would be levied for issue a duplicate membership card ID card. A member who has lost a card shall make written reports of the same to the Librarian.

Electronic Bar-coded Membership ID card is non-transferable. The borrower shall be responsible for the loss/damage of books and other library materials issued in their cards.

The book may be renewed for a further period of 7 days provided there is no demand from other readers.

Reference book may be issued for overnight to Scientist and Teaching Staff, provided another copy available on same title. In this case reading materials must be returned on the very next day before 11:00 AM. Various CD ROM database, reading materials in electronic forms, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Yearbooks, Theses and Statistics etc will not be issued. The overdue charge for above materials will be Rs. 1.00 per hour.


  • CD ROM database, e-Resources and internet services are available for information retrieval.
  • Users are allowed to use this facility only for academic & educational purpose to fill prescribed indent form & not for personal purpose.
  • User is not allowed to make any change in the setting of PC, adding any executable programs, deleting files etc.
  • Depending upon the rush. Time constraints may be applied by the library staff on duty.
  • All users are required to make entry in the register kept for this purpose.
  • Users should not remove/damage any hardware/software, wire etc. or interchange keyboard, mouse etc.
  • Laptop computers may be used in the library at user’s own risk.


  • Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
  • Mobile phone shall be switched off while entering the Library.
  • Smoking and spitting are strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • No user of the Library shall write by pen or pencil or any mark or remark or damage any publication of the Library.
  • If any publication is lost or disfigured or if any page or picture is removed by the reader, he/she will be required to replace it by a new copy. If readers fail to do so, reader will be required to pay the present cost of the materials and also pay the fine as decided by the Librarian. If book is out of print (with publisher’s proof) then reader will pay double cost of the book with late fees. The decision of the Librarian shall be final in case of controversy.
  • The borrower is required to examine the books at the time of receiving them. The last borrower will be held responsible for any damage.
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel reservation, loans, request and to limit or withdraw a user’s privilege without prior notice for any reason deemed appropriate by the Library.
  • I case of loss of title, “No Duse” shall be issued within 15 days after receipt of written application form the reader.
  • Reader not following the library rules shall be asked to leave the library.
  • The readers found creating noise and misbehaving with library staff will be prohibited from using the V. V. Library.
  • The students shall not be allowed in the technical room/store room and circulation counter of the library.
  • Library will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of members of the library.

University Librarian 

Office E-mail Address : bikaner_center@rediffmail.com
Office Phone No. : 0151-