Academic Council


Ex-Officio ChairmanProf. Raksha Pal Singh
Dean, Post Graduate StudiesDr. (Mrs.) Dipali Dhawan
Dean & Faculty Chairperson, College of Agriculture, BikanerDr. I.P. Singh
Dean, College of Agriculture, Sri GanganagarDr. Vijay Prakash
Dean, College of Agriculture, HanumangarhDr. N.S. Dahiya
Dean, College of Agriculture, Mandawa (Jhunjhunu)Dr. S.M. Kumawat
Dean, College of Agriculture, Chandgothi (Churu)Dr. A.R. Naqvi
Dean, College of Home Science, BikanerDr. (Mrs.) Vimla Dunkwal
Director, Land Scaping & Revenue Generation, SKRAU, Bikaner Dr. Data Ram Kumhar
Director of Research (Ag), Bikaner Dr. P.S. Shekhawat
Director of Extension Education,Bikaner Dr. Subhash Chandra
Director, I.A.B.M.,Bikaner Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Sharma
Director, Students Welfare, Bikaner Dr. Veer Singh
Director, Prioritization, Monitoring & Evaluation,BikanerDr. P.K. Yadav
Director-DHRD, Bikaner Dr. P.K. Yadav
Section 29 (8) (g)
All Heads of departments not below the rank of Associate Professor
Faculty of Agriculture
Deptt. of AgronomyDr. S.R. Bhunia
Deptt. of G&PBDr. A.K. Sharma
Agriculture Ext. and CommunicationDr. R. K. Verma
Deptt of Agri. Chem. Soil Sc.& Controller of ExaminationDr. Yogesh Sharma
Deptt. of Plant PathologyDr. Data Ram Kumhar
Dept. of Agril. EconomicsDr. (Mrs.) Madhu Sharma
Deptt. of Animal ProductionDr. Nirmal Singh Dahiya
Deptt. of StatisticsVacant
Deptt. of BiochemistryVacant
Deptt. of EntomologyDr. H. L. Deshwal
Deptt of Agril. Engg.Er. J.K. Gaur
Deptt. of Plant BiotechnologyDr. A.K. Sharma
Deptt of HorticultureDr. P.K. Yadav
Deptt of Plant PhysiologyVacant
Deptt of NematologyVacant
Faculty of Home Science
Deptt. of Foods & NutritionDr. (Mrs.) Vimla Dunkwal
Deptt. of Home Sci. Ext. and Communication ManagementDr. (Mrs.) Neena Sareen
Deptt of RMCSVacant
Deptt of HDFSDr. (Mrs.) Jaya Paliwal
Deptt of Textiles and Appreal DesigningVacant
Faculty of Agri-Business Management
Director, IABM, BikanerDr. I.P. Singh
Section 29 (8) I (h)
Two Internal Members of Extension Prog. not below the rank of Assoc. Prof. nominated by Vice-Chancellor
Professor (CAS), KVK, SriganganagarVacant from (04.06.2022)
Professor (CAS), College of Home Science, BikanerVacant from (04.06.2022)
Section 29 (8) I (i)
Two Assoc. Prof. &Four Asstt. Professors (Elected)
Assoc. ProfessorVacant as on 03.12.2021

Assoc. ProfessorVacant as on 03.12.2021
Asstt. ProfessorDr. M. L. Reager
Asstt. ProfessorVacant as on 03.12.2021
Asstt. ProfessorVacant as on 03.12.2021
Asstt. ProfessorVacant as on 03.12.2021
Section 29 (8) I (j)
Two External Members nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
External MemberVacant from (27.05.2022)
External MemberVacant from (04.06.2022)
Section 29 (8) I (k)
Registrar of the University Member Secretary
Member Secretary, Registrar Sh. Kapoor Shankar Maan
Invite Member
Comptroller, SKRAU, BikanerShri Pawan Kumar Kaswan
Controller of Examinations, SKRAU, BikanerDr. Yogesh Sharma


Date Document
February 8th, 2021