National Seed Project

Seed is the basic input in Agriculture. Cost wise it is cheapest but highly remunerative. To increase the productivity level on per unit basis as the band resource is also a limiting factor. To fulfill the seed requirement of Rajasthan, the National Seed Project was established in 1987 under SKRAU, Bikaner. Under the NSP following staff strength was sanctioned to mitigate the seed requirement of state.


The main objective of the NSP is to produce the Breeder Seed of different crops viz. Wheat, Barley, Gram, Mustard, Guar, Moong, Moth, Groundnut etc. to fulfill the national/state seed requirement. Under horticulture, planting material of fruit crops, seed of vegetable crops and nursery for floriculture is also developed. A seed processing unit is established at NSP, SKRAU, Bikaner for processing the seed. NSP conducts training programmes

To educate the farmers through field day and trainings for seed production programmes.

To demonstrate the technology for higher crop yield.

For seed production, two seed farms are allotted to NSP.


University Central Farm, Khara, Bikaner


Mechanized Agricultural Farm, Rojari, Sriganganagar

University Central Farm, Khara, Bikaner

The University Central Farm, Khara has 272 hac. area and out of which 100 hac. area under irrigation and 172 hac. area is rainfed. It is situated near National Highway No. 15 on 30 RD Khara, Bikaner. UCF, Khara comprises 2JMD, 3JMD, 4JMD and 5JMD. In 51 hac. area, Date Palm has been planted by Rajasthan Horticulture Development Society, Jaipur (RHDS) allotted by Govt. of Rajasthan. In University Central Farm, Khara, the NSP takes Breeder/TFL seed production programme of major Kharif and Rabi crops to meet out the seed requirement.

Mechanized Agricultural Farm, Rojari, Sriganganagar

The Mechanized Agricultural Farm, Rojari has 508 hac. area and out of which 150 hac. area under irrigation and 358 hac. area is rainfed. MAF, Rojari is situated on the State Highway No. 39, Sriganganagar to Bikaner via Anoopgarh- Chhatargarh on 57 ki puli of Rojari minor distributaries. In MAF, Rojari takes the major seed production programme of Kharif and Rabi crops to meet out the seed requirement. A seed processing unit is also established at there for grading and processing of seed.

Breeder Seed Project

In NSP, the Breeder Seed Project (BSP), was sanctioned by ICAR in 1987 for maintenance breeding, production of Nucleus & Breeder seed and seed research. Under the seed research, germination test, seed viability and grow out test are to be taken for genetic purity of seed. Staff position-

One- SPO (Professor PBG)- vacant

Two- Technical Assistant- one vacant

Two- Ag. Supervisor- vacant

Seed Production in Agricultural Crops and Fisheries (Mega Seed Project)

To mitigate the seed indent of Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi, a Mega Seed Project was sanctioned in 2006. Under Mega Seed Project, Breeder seed, Foundation seed, Certified seed and Truthfully labeled seed are being produced at University farms and by Farmers Participatory Programme.
The NSP produce 5000-6000 quintals of Breeder & TFL seed annually along with Nucleus seed. The NSP has established a Medium Term Storage facility for storage of valuable strains and genetic material of crops.

NSP Publications


Green House mein Sabji Utpadan Prodyogiki


Green House mein Phulon Ki Vyavasayik Kheti


Rajasthan Ki Pramukh Dalahani Fasalein


Aushdhiya aivam Sugandhiya podhon Ki Vyavasayik Kheti


Guar Ka Unnat Beej Utpadan


Mung Ka Unnat Beej Utpadan


Moth Ka Unnat Beej Utpadan


Til Ka Unnat Beej Utpadan


Bajra Beej Utpadan


Mungfali Beej Utpadan


Chana Beej Utpadan


Sarson Beej Utpadan


Gehu Beej Utpadan


Jau Beej Utpadan

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