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Agriculture Research Station, Ganganagar

ARS, Ganganagar

The Irrigated North-Western Plain Zone (1b) comprises two districts of Rajasthan, Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh, which are located between 28.40 to 30.60 North latitude and 72.30 to 75.30 East longitudes. The zone has geographical area of 20.6 lac hectares out of which about 74 per cent area is under cultivation. The Ferozpur district of Punjab and Hissar district of Haryana form North-Western boundary, Churu and Bikaner districts of Rajasthan form South boundary and International border of Pakistan forms the North and North-Western boundary of the zone. Fifty percent of the cultivated area in the zone is irrigated. The Gang canal, Bhakhra canal and Indira Gandhi Canal are the major sources of irrigation in the zone. The zone has extreme climatic conditions with the scorching summer, cold winter and mild rainy season. Dust storms during summer, frosty winter nights and ground fog are some of the typical features of weather hazards. The mean annual rainfall of the zone is 322 mm.

Lead functions:

Cotton, Chickpea (irrigated)

Water & soils management

Crop physiology

Fruit research (Kinnow, malta, peach, grape) including horticulture

Biological control of insect-pest and disease

Integrated nutrient management

Groundnut, Cluster bean (ARSS, Hanumangarh)

Verification functions:

Mustard, wheat, paddy Clusterbean, groundnut, sugarcane

Drip irrigation in horticulture

Testing & modification of farm tools and implements for increasing farm efficiency.

Sesame (ARSS, Hanumangarh)


Laboratories : Well established laboratories in various projects viz, Water management, Tropical fruits (citrus), Oilseed and pulses, cotton, Sugarcane etc. to serve the purpose of analysis in almost all related disciplines.

Farms at ARSS, Sriganganagar 84 ha (cultivable area – 68 ha)

  Citrus orchard  

  Experimental unit

  Seed production unit

Farm at ARSS, Hanumangarh 56 ha (Cultivable 53 ha)

  Seed production Unit

  Experimental Unit

Recent Recommendations included in Package of Practices of the zone 1b

Desi chickpea varietiy GNG 1958 (Marudhar) included in PoP

Kabuli chickpea variety GNG 1969 (Triveni) included in PoP

Barley malt varieties RD 2503, DWRUB 52 and DWRUB 64 included in PoP

In mustard frost can be managed by spray of sulphuric acid or DMSO @ 1ml/litre water  at temperature of 4 C or below.

For management of white rust of mustard, foliar spray of Metalaxyl 4% + Mencozeb 64 % Mixture (68 WP) is included in PoP 

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