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 वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन 2018-19

 Annual Report 2017-18

 Annual Report 2018-19

 SKRAU Annual Report 2012-13

 Capsicum English Booklet

 Capsicum Hindi Booklet

 Cucumber Booklet in Hindi

 Vikas Yatra ke Teen Dashak 1987-2017

 Micro Irrigation type and proper care taking

 Advanced technique of Vegetable-seeds in western Rajasthan

 Commercial agriculture of Medicinal plants

 Hybrid varieties and features of Bajra

 Vegetable Technology in Green House

 Commercial Cultivation of Flowers in Green House

 Organized Agriculture of Fennel (सौंफ)

 Shade net and low tunnels for Garden produces

 Use of Plastic Mulch in Agriculture

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