SKRAU Board of Management
Section 29 (7) (1) I
Ex-officio Chairman
1. Dr. B.R. Chhipa
Vice-Chancellor, SKRAU,Bikaner
SKRAU Campus, Bikaner
(O)0151-2250488, 2250443
Section 29 (7) (1) II (a)
Two persons nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from amongst the Deans, Associate Deans and Directors
1. Dr. S.K. Sharma
Dean, PGS
(O) 0151-2250561
2. Dr. I.J. Gulati
Dean & Faculty Chairman (Agri.)
SKRAU, Bikaner
9414603897 (0) 0151-2250282
Section 29 (7) (1) II (b)
Two Professors of the University nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
1. Dr. J.P. Lakhera
Professor (CAS)
DEE, Bikaner
(M) 9460503104 (O) 0151-2251122
2. Dr. Subhash Chandra
Professor, Ext. Edu.
Dy. Director, DEE
(M) 9828600083 (O) 0151-2251122
Section 29 (7) (1) II (c)
Two persons nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from amongst the teachers other than Professors, Dean, Associate Deans and Directors
1. Sh. Dasharath Prasad
Asstt. Professor (Agronomy)
ARS, Sriganganagar
(O) 0154-2440619
2. Dr. N.K. Pareek
Asstt.Professor (Agrometrology)
ARS, SKRAU, Bikaner
9414200971 (O) 0151-2250018
Section 29 (7) (1) II (d)
Two eminent educationists nominated by the Chancellor
1. Shri Harish Rajani

Plot No. 01, Opp. Community Hall, Hiran Magri, Sector-04, UDAIPUR
2. Shri Sanjay Kashmiri

426, Adarsh Path, Vidhyut Nagar-A, Ajmer Road, JAIPUR
Section 29 (7) (1) II (e)
One eminent Scientist who has achieved distinction in agriculture nominated by the State Government:
1. Dr. C.B. Gena
Retd. Vice Chancellor (Bikaner University)
5, Chandra Nagar, Beawar Road, AJMER
Section 29 (7) (1) II (f)
One progressive farmer nominated by the State Government
1. Shri Sumit Godara
Progressive Farmer
Lunkaransar, Bikaner
Section 29 (7) (1) II (g)
One member of the State Legislative Assembly nominated by the Speaker
1. Shri Gopal Krishan
Hon'ble MLA (Bikaner-West)
25, Vidhayakpuri, Jaipur
Section 29 (7) (1) II (h)
One nominee of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research
1. Dr. N.V. Patil
National Research Centre for Camel, Bikaner
Section 29 (7) (1) III
Ex-officio Members
1. Principal Secretary
GOR, Jaipur
2. Principal Secretary
Animal Husbandry
GOR, Jaipur
3. Principal Secretary
Higher Education
GOR, Jaipur
4. Commissioner of Agriculture
5. Shri Narendra Pal Singh
Registrar, SKRAU, Bikaner
Member Secretary
6. Shri Banwari Lal Sarwa, Comptroller
SKRAU, Bikaner
Invite Member
Nominated Member by Finance Deptt. GOR, Jaipur
1. Divisional Commissioner